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  • footballs

    6.5″ RADIUS...

    Something they will keep forever! Quality rubber cover football ready for field action!
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  • Garyline_IceScraper

    10″ Polar...

    Classic ice scraper has been designed with a sleek profile. The modern ribbed grip handle is reversible, so the imprint is always in full view. The heavy duty scraping blade is as strong as ever, made from 1/4"; thick polystyrene.
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  • Leeds_Earbuds

    Color Dip...

    Pop your next promotion with these color dipped ear buds. The 3.5mm audio jack connects to just about anything that can play music. Convenient plastic travel case allows you to take these ear buds with you wherever you go.
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  • Leeds_Drone

    Remote Control...

    The Drone features an advanced stability system that makes the drone easy to operate. After one or two practice flights you will have the drone flying with ease. Once you advance your skills you can perform aerial flips. The flying time is up to 7 minutes at a distance of up to 50 Meters (164 ft.).
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